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Turnkey Electrical Project executor upto 33KV level...
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Welcome to Chakraborty Group

With our prime motto to offer quality oriented and reliable services, we, Chakraborty Group, are a promising Turnkey Electrical Project contractor. We undertake turnkey projects of Electrical Installations including Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning for EHV Sub-stations and Transmission Line up to 33 KV, Power Distribution, Electrification work, Substation automation etc. for Power co-generation projects, Hydro power projects, Wind Power Projects, Huge industrial projects etc. All our services are well acclaimed and highly demanded by our clients across the domestic market. We are backed by a world-class infrastructural set-up which apparently allows us to execute services in an efficient manner ensuring optimum client satisfaction.

Chakraborty Group is a promising turnkey electrical project contractor based company specializing in electrical relay, control panel, power transformer, electric boxes instrument. It is working as a manufacturer and supplier, which also deals in electrical installations as well as designing, engineering, supplying, installation, testing and commissioning.

About Transformers

Transformers are one of our main products and it is considered as the most important electrical machinery. We are offering step-up and step-down power and distribution transformers, amongst the other products. These are used for converting the low voltage to high voltage or vice versa. The principle of working of transformers is electro-magnetic induction. This is possible only in static devices that too if the magnetic flux varies continuously.

There is a single core on which the primary as well as secondary windings are wound. Also for both windings, the magnetic flux remains same. This flux is dependent on the on the magnetized current in the primary winding along with the number of turns present in it. Consequently, the value of induced voltage is same as that the primary & secondary winding. Adding on, the number of turns in respective windings is proportional to the absolute value of induced voltage.

Parts of a Transformer

There are nine basic parts or components of a transformer that are core, windings, insulating material, transformer oil, tap changer, oil conservator, breather, buchholz relay and explosion vent. more

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